Fridays at the Farm | We Are Grateful


Nothing says the holidays like a slight chill in the air. Writing to you from a rare but appreciated “chilly” afternoon in Florida. Things are continually getting more plentiful on the farm — the greens are bursting out of the ground, green tomatoes cover the tall stems, and our strawberries are fruiting.

In the midst of the busy season, there is never a better time to step back for a moment and list the things we are thankful for. It’s so easy to over look the small things and take for granted all the good and fortune in our lives. I love taking time to appreciate the little things that make my world go round.  

So here it goes, 5 things we are grateful for this year:

  1. Fresh, local, organic food to top our table and fill our stomachs

  2. Friends who support the farm and the movement towards more sustainable living

  3. Parents who encourage us to take the path less traveled (and who have always said that if shit hits the fan we also have a place to call home with a bed, so just go for it!)

  4. Our frequent gatherings with friends over good food, good conversations, and lots of laughter

  5. Getting to use our creative energy, sound minds, and skill sets to grow in business and with each other

Oh and…Coming in at number “6.” — we bought a tractor! This vintage 1950’s Ford beaut will make turning compost, digging drainage, and developing the land a heck of a lot easier (our backs will thank us)…plus who wouldn’t want to race around the farm on this thing?

Just kidding… she only goes 5 mph.

To all our farm family and friends, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for you.

Cheers from Black Finger Farm!