Meacham Urban Farm

In the big news department, some of your favorite market farmers are starting a new project. We (your farmers Joe & Kristin) will be teaming up Travis from TrailBale Farm to bring downtown Tampa an urban farm! 

Opening in 2020 (if all goes as planned), Meacham Urban Farm will be a high-yielding, bio-intensive farm accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods. Our desire for community engagement, commitment to organic, healthy, environmentally conscious farming, and agriculture education for students, neighbors and any interested humans are the foundation of this new project. 

Right now, we are in the "processing phase" with the city... that means contracts and permitting are being put in place to ensure that this project is successful, becoming a hub in the center of the Tampa Bay agriculture and food community.

So for now, sit tight, and read up bellow on how we are partnering with Travis on education and our vision for growing food at Meacham!

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Want to know more? 

"...Assuming final details are ironed out — ground clearing will begin in February, and planting will begin in August with a first harvest in mid September. Our farm plans entail 93 in-ground permanent beds between four plots and two greenhouses..." Finish reading Tampa Bay Times article on the project.

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Locally Grown, Bio-Intensive, Sustainably Farmed  

Meacham Urban Farm will be a certified organic farm just outside of downtown Tampa. Practicing minimal till, with bio-intensive permanent bed systems, the farm will be laid out in 93 in-ground permanent beds between four plots and two greenhouses.

We want to be YOUR farmers! Meacham will be constructed for the residents of the Encore housing development and surrounding city of Tampa. We aim to provide our neighbors with artisan produce, grown ethically, and free from pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers at an economically viable price.

Our desire is to establish an alternative network of local produce, one that grows inside of and sustains its community. In working with local chefs, retailers, and individuals, we want to create a direct connection for our community to their food, providing them with consistent high quality, locally grown produce. 

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Teaching Our Future Farmers

We are dedicated to making Meacham Urban Farm a useful teaching tool for students, neighbors, and the community at large. We feel that educating about agriculture is essential in understanding how and where our food comes from, as well as the importance of nutrition.

Every aspect of the farm will be designed with sustainability and conservation in mind, from composting to solar power. Education expands further than "where food comes from." We also know that sustainability and healthy and efficient growing practices will allow for future generations of small-scale farmers. All of our projects will be working designs ideal for learning opportunities. 

In addition, our 5 year plan includes projects like: 

  • Expanding an organic waste management program for the Encore and surrounding downtown area

  • Managing "green building" properties in the downtown area, including rooftop gardens and other urban agriculture projects

  • Converting to solar power